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Study in Canada
One of the Best Places in the World to Live & Study!

Set your sights high. When you study in Canada you'll earn an academic qualification that is recognized and respected around the world. And you'll become a part of a diverse, welcoming and vibrant society that offers you a unique cultural experience in a safe and beautiful environment. Education in Canada is Internationally Recognized .More than 130,000 students come to study in Canada every year. In addition to this number there are many more that come to Canada to learn English or French.

Every year, tens of thousands of students from around the world attend Canadian universities and colleges. Canadian universities are recognized worldwide for their high quality, leading-edge research and innovation. Experience a country that is culturally and geographically diverse and consistently ranked one of the best places in the world to live. Canada has over 90 universities and more than 150 colleges ranging from small liberal arts schools to major research institutions including undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs.

Eligibility Criteria:
Good academic background
Financial support either by achieving scholarships or merit based financial aids,
Good command over the English language

You may be required to take an English Language Test such as IELTS or TOEFL before the university will confirm your seat on the course.

Benefits of Studying in Canada:
Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards
Canadian universities and colleges are respected worldwide for their high quality of education.
Tuition fees for international students in Canada, and the cost of living, are among the lowest in the world.
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