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Superb school - About us
Welcome to Opulentus!!!!
Superbschool is India's only SUPER VISA SPECIALIST's with over 10 years of experience and expertise in providing visa processing solutions with a unique work study program in USA and most importantly the beaming smiles on thousands of faces around the world. We are numero Uno today in this field and it is only because of you who entrusted high confidence in us not just because of our name and fame in Asia, but also because of the unmatched professionalism and dedication that we show towards every client.

Our consultants provide high value career counseling by considering your future aspirations,more rather than providing a generic non-feasible solution. Here at Opulentus, we offer consultation services by understanding all your needs to the core, which can be realized with the expert guidance that our proficient and experienced consultants provide.

We are called as Super Visa Specialist for our expertise in visa documentation to USA. Here we process visas ranging from student visas to immigration visas and hold the record of having over 90% of the actual conversions in USA's Curricular Practical Training (CPT) from Asia in 2008-09. We are the best USA career consultants in Hyderabad catering to the overseas education needs of Indian students.

We offer a unique Work Study Program (WSP) which permits the students to work full time and study part-time. It comes as a boon to students who wish to pursue education in prime state of USA like California, Minnesota, Utah etc., to earn and pursue their education. The best part of this program is that you don't require a job offer to go to USA; once you land in US you can search for a job.

We process visas for students who want to study in USA in some of the best schools. Students who aspire to pursue education in USA find themselves more confident with our expert assistance. We have never failed to process visas to USA, which is the result of the immense experience we have in processing thousands of cases over the past decade. Our wide experience has helped us to build an unparalleled research with which we developed an impeccable process team.

Our unique Post Landing services in USA offer you support in terms of job search, pick up and accommodation assistance after you land there and guide you till you settle down permanently.

So, start chasing your dreams!

Talk to Opulentus now and Live your dream to study in US!
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